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Kalsarp Pooja in Allahabad- A Kala Sarpa is when all the planets are between Rahu and Ketu. When the planets move in the direction of Ketu, Kala Sarpa Yoga occurs. A Kala Sarpa dosha occurs when the planets are facing Rahu. This yog creates fear and anxiety in the sufferer’s head with no mental peace. They also suffer from chronic disease and progeny issues. Moreover, They encounter different phobias of snake, loss, and height. Even not able to cope with society.

इलाहाबाद में कालसर्प पूजा हिंदी में पढ़ें। यहाँ क्लिक करें।

This Yog is also known as Kala Sarpa Yog if the Moon is not on the axis and all planets are between Rahu and Ketu. Despite the planets moving away from Rahu. Its ill effects are reduced with Kaal Sarp puja in Allahabad by performing pooja at Trimbakeshwar.

In its simplest form, it is a genetic practice, meaning that it will pass from generation to generation through DNA. A critical age also exists about this yog practice. The age is 33. A significant energy shift occurs at this age. A person who has suffered up to 33 years of age will suffer after this age.

Furthermore, success is more likely to occur unexpectedly, which also applies to the reverse. After age 33, someone who had significant success in their younger years may face issues and blockages, halting their success.

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Kaal Sarp Dosh After 33 Years

These people had little to no social skills, restless youth, an alcoholic, marijuana users, and even DUI offenders in their children. However, after the age of 33, everything changes. Their finances improved, and they were able to stabilize themselves. After age 33, they also made it to the top of the political ladder.

Ancient traditions believe they killed or injured snakes that caused this yoga or dosha. Instead of worshipping and respecting them in a previous life. The presence of this yoga is generally thought to weaken an individual’s chart.

As we know, if all the planets are in the clutches of Rahu and Ketu, it is known as Kala Sarpa dosha. It may not be beneficial for people born during this time, especially when it falls during Rahu or Ketu Dasha. Proper remedies will benefit the person and take them to much higher places if they are done properly. People affected by this yog need to perform Kaal Sarp dosh puja in Allahabad.

Considering that Mars and the first house are in trouble, the native may suffer serious health problems. Hence, the native may die before he turns 45, depending on the finer factors and how the Moon happens to be placed at the time since the Moon affects planetary periods.

Benefit of kaal Sarp Dosh Shanti Puja

A Kaal Sarp dosha nivaran puja is a powerful remedy for getting rid of anger and pain caused by the Kaal Sarp dosha in a kundli. They provide relief and comfort from disappointments. Kaal Sarp dosh Shanti puja reduces all the ill effects listed above. Obtaining productive results requires the blessings of ancestors. Even childless couples get the benefit from this pooja.

Kalsarp Dosh Remedies:

A person with Kaal Sarp Yog can do these remedies to reduce the effect of Kalsarp Yog:

  • Offer 11 coconuts to the river or water on a Panchami Tithi or a Saturday.
  • Offer 108 pairs of Nag and Nagin. 
  • Pet a dog in the house. It will bring the blessing of Lord Batuk Bhairav. Its blessings can be a useful sarpa dosha remedy.
  • Recite Vishnu Sahasranama & admire Manasa Devi.
  • A five hooded God of Nag Raj in Silver. Carry it to Lord Subramanya Swamy’s temple and Worship it on a daily basis with turmeric and rice. 

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Sacred City: Trimbakeshwar

Trimbakeshwar is an ancient sacred city. It is known for many hindu sacred rituals. Trimbak city later became famous as Trimbakeshwar. During the Peshwas regime, Nana Saheb Peshwa ordered the construction of the Trimbakeshwar temple to promote and beautify Trimbakeshwar.

It consists of scenic beauty with a religious ambience.

Travel To Kalsarp Pooja in Allahabad

Trimbak is a city of Nashik, Maharashtra. The cheapest way to get from Allahabad to Trimbakeshwar Temple is by train. It is a journey of 1050 km. 

Via Air:

Flight is a good option if you have wanted to reach early. Take a flight from Allahabad (IXD) to Mumbai (BOM). The distance between Mumbai Airport to Domestic Airport Junction is 600 meters. You can take a bus from Domestic Airport Junction to Darpen Cinema and change at this place to reach Western Express Highway. Take train from here to reach Ghatkopar and Change here to reach Kasara. Take a cab from here to reach Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple.

The quickest way to reach Allahabad is by flight in just 6 hours. You can even book trains as per your requirement and pooja dates. 

Via Train: 

Take the train from Prayagraj Jn to Nasik Road. Then take a flight from Kazi Nazrul Islam (RDP) to Mumbai Airport. Taxis are available at Nasik to reach Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple.

Via Road:

Trimbakeshwar is also accessible from Prayagraj to Nasik by state-run and private luxury buses. At Nasik, the cabs are available at a frequent time.

About Pandit Shivang Guruji

Guruji performs Hindu religious pujas at the Trimbakeshwar temple for many years. Panditji has a broad education from Banaras Hindu Vishwavidyalaya, Uttar Pradesh, and speaks Marathi, Hindi, and English. Since Guruji began performing the Kaal Sarp Shanti Puja more than 20 years ago, thousands of Yajmans have satisfied his service. He conducts all types of Trimbakeshwar Pooja. After performing kalsarp pooja trimbakeshwar Allahabad, all Yajmans receive outstanding and unique results immediately. You need to book Kaal Sarp Pooja in advance.

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